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10×10 trade show booth: Why don’t exhibitors shift from this choice of booth size?

February 8, 2013

10×10 trade show booth is exhibitors’ common choice. In order to not fudge together about it, exhibitors stick to this size. 10×10 size being standard itself gives sufficient space for maximum exposure of a company. Thereabout you can hang a LED television on the backdrop while the back display can be aesthetically and professionally designed. Place trade show accessories, such as banner stands, literature racks, table covers, giveaways, director chairs, flooring carpets, etc. in their proper position and you can do it comfortably.

10x10 trade show booth

Contrary to other sizes of booths, space for visitors is pretty sufficient as found in 10×10 trade show booth. Your representatives can talk to a number of visitors at a time comfortably while lots of other visitors can eye through your company messages and products as designed on fabric trade show displays. There are many reasons as to why 10×10 trade show booth stands as the first choice for exhibitors. Here are some of them.

  • Sufficient space for placing trade show accessories in the booth
  • Visitors move comfortably about the booth
  • Standard popup display size can increase the beauty of booth, thereby driving in traffic in large number
  • Use literature racks in the booth and let visitors gloss over them
  • Keep director’s chair in a prominent place and let visitors have a chance to interact directly
  • Roll out carpet on the floor of the booth so that it upgrades the look of it

What exhibitors need to ensure is they purchase it from a reliable fabricator or get popup trade show displays custom designed to their needs and specifications. Image Master Displays can be the best of the lots, because it has the latest design infrastructure and abiding commitment and business integrity to their clients who could be anywhere from the world. Make sure you have enquired about their commitment delivery regarding shipping of the products.